Elegant Dark Purple Hair Color at Plaza Hair Salon

12th July 2019

“This vibrant hair color makes my skin tone look more bright. I feel more confident with my new hairstyle.”

Emma V

Recently the versatile hair colors became quite popular and the beautiful shades of purple are definitely on the top of the list. Purple combines the calm of blue and the passion of red and is often associated with luxury, ambition and creativity.

Purple is a combination of the strong warm red with a deep cold blue color, so retains both warm and cool properties. It is elegant and extravagant in the same time. There are so many beautiful shades in the broad spectrum of purple hues. At Plaza Hair Salon, we combine different shades of purple - orchid, lilac, fuchsia, lavender, eggplant, amethyst and mulberry - to give you the most spectacular look you always dreamed of. Dark purple hair color is the perfect hairstyle option to show off your independent and ambitious personality. Getting vibrant lavender, plum or fuchsia highlights on your dark purple hair will definitely bring your strands to life.

Things to Consider Before You Get a Purple Hair Color

  • Purple hair tends to fade faster than natural shades.
  • It requires extensive care to make it last longer.
  • Use color-safe shampoo, sulfate-free conditioners, deep conditioners.
  • Wash it with cool water, moisturize thoroughly and avoid heat.
  • Use oil treatment and sunscreen.
  • With proper hair maintenance routine, purple hair is easy to style and hold curls.

The Trendiest Purple Haircolors in 2019

  • Red to dark purple balayage
  • Eggplant balayage
  • Dark to light purple balayage
  • Dark purple highlights on dark brown hair
  • Dark purple with lavender highlights
  • Deep blackberry

Get Your Purple Haircolor at Plaza Hair Salon

 Our hairstylists can reveal the secrets of a glamorous purple hair. If you haven’t decided yet, here are some advantages of this vibrant and elegant color :

  • It is suitable for most face and skin types
  • It is elegant but also extravagant
  • It makes olive and darker skin tones brighter
  • Dark purple can be applied directly to brown or dark blonde hair 
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