Short Hair Dark Brown with Chestnut Balayage

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23rd May 2018

“My hair lost its glow, so I decided to make a change and have a chestnut balayage at Plaza Hair Salon. I am very satisfied with the result.”

Olivia P.

Whether you have long or short hair and you want a bold change, balayage is the right choice. Unlike the old traditional methods, balayage is a French modern technique where the color is freehand applied without using foils or caps. At Plaza Hair Salon we have a great range of color combinations that our clients can choose to get a modern look with discreet transitions.

Variations of Short Hair Balayage for 2018

Long hair looks better with discrete shades are applied to it in ombre technique. Balayage highlights offer dimension, smoothness and texture to your long pixie or bob haircuts. At Plaza Hair Salon you can get the extra pop that your hair needs.  

1. Delicious Brown - Tone Coloring

Your hairdo gets depth and tender shades with these highlights grown out in a very natural way. It will look like the sun would have kissed your hair. You can enjoy now a comfortable and easy- maintainable hairstyle.

2. Caramel Toned Short Balayage

If you have decided to choose a warm tone for your hair, caramel is perfect. Due to its extra long strands in the front, light brown curls and very dark roots, this hairstyle is unique and modern. It will look even better when if conditioned.

3. Midnight Shadows Blue Balayage For Black Hair

Every woman’s fantasy is a straight A-line bob that gives volume and brightness to her hair. Dark blue is a much-preferred color when speaking about unnatural hair. This style is suitable for almost all the hair textures and ideal for the women who want a blue bold and keep close to their natural color.

Chestnut Balayage, a Feminine Trendy Hairstyle

Brown color finds one of its best expressions in chestnut shades. Between subtle and strong tones, you can have it, no matter if your hair is curly, wavy, straight, long or short. Highlights give texture and volume to the chestnut hair. A highlighting chestnut & caramel balayage combination will make the dark hair eye-catching. At Plaza Hair Salon we can offer you a refreshing chestnut balayage in just a few easy steps:

  • Separate your hair into three parts, two on the sides and one in the back;
  • Bleach the back part from the bottom, then the sides until the hair gets medium-blonde;
  • Wash off and apply the color on the roots for 10- 15 minutes;
  • Smooth Conditioning.

Few reasons you should choose chestnut balayage:

  • Easy maintainable from eight to ten weeks;
  • Good looking for fair and light skin types;
  • It loses color beautifully;
  • You can warm up skin tones with highlights or lowlights.

Get Your Chestnut Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

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