Dark Brown to Light Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

06th August 2019

“Mai did a tremendous job and I’m so incredibly happy with the state and look of my hair. She fixed my ruined hair and achieve a more natural and chic look.”

Anais M.

Sombre hair is the latest trend in hair styling and it looks absolutely glamorous. It goes well with all variations of hair textures and it charges your look with radiance. Although can be a time-consuming process at the beginning, once done needs very little attention in terms of maintenance.

Our client features light blonde hues mixed with dark shades of browns to create this new look that’s rich and magnetizing. Taking the dark brown hue found at the roots and faintly weaving it through the lengths of the hair to create less of an abrupt contrast from roots to ends, is the key to achieving the flawless Sombre.

For Women Who Want Softer Blended, More Muted Highlights

Sombre is a softer, more wearable and natural look that is flattering on everyone, but especially for brunettes. Low-maintenance color has been a trend for a while and has now been amplified with sombre – a subtle variation on the all-time favorite ombre style.

Our professional hairstylists recommend just using different shades of blonde hue for the most natural and complementary result for your skin tone.

More tips from our hairstylists:

  • For dark brown hair, try sombre; lighter hair tones such as blonde, look great with the softer look offered up by the sombre style
  • Begin the tones at the top section of your hair to create a natural and organic-looking sombre
  • Leave the dark brown tones as the focus at the top of your hairline, adding ribbons of light blonde where the sun would naturally hit – this is a bold look for dark long hair that we absolutely love
  • Add some blonde highlights to tie the look together
  • Use waves to accentuate the look

Get Your Light Blonde Sombre for a Stylish New Look at Plaza Hair Salon

With their expert knowledge and experience, our professional hairstylists are the best way to go if you intend to give your tresses the best light blonde sombre possible.

Our hairstylists specialize in balayage, ombre and sombre techniques. Customers come to see us at Plaza Hair Salon in San Diego. We would be very happy to welcome you and provide finesse to all your beauty needs!

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