Dark Brown to Light Blonde Balayage

16th April 2018

“Mai fixed my balayage and made my hair look better than any balayage I had ever have. She is definitely a San Diego gem!”

Sara Y.

A new season inspires most women to have a new look. If you have a dark brown hair and you're looking for a fresh hairstyle for spring and summer 2018 we suggest dark brown to blonde balayage. Embrace your natural dark brown hair color and lighten it up with some blonde highlights. Blonde balayage with dark hair is a classic hairstyle that will bring dimension and light to your hair. Dark brown roots are no longer considered a hairstyle-mistake they are perfect for balayage highlights. This look brings life into your dark brown locks using, very subtle blonde highlights.

How is The Process? What to Expect?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique to highlight your hair, also known as a freehanded hair painting. The lightener or hair color is painted in a way to create a graduated, natural-looking effect from end to root. Balayage involves lightly painting just the surface of the hair near the root and moving down to cover the ends of the hair in dye fully. The result is a natural, sun-kissed look which is perfect for long, medium-length or short hair. This highlighting technique requires skill and precision, so you’ll better leave that to the professionals. Balayage looks simple, but its effortlessness depends on your stylist’s skill.

The first step should be always a consultation with your hairstylist

It is necessary to tell our hairstylist what coloring technique you used before and to explain what kind of hair color would you like. It is also good to be open to the hairstylist suggestions to choose the perfect color for your skin tone and for your personality. 

The next step is sectioning the hair

Balayage sectioning uses messy, rough lines to create the natural look, balayage is known for. Painting your hair 

The hairstylists at the Plaza Hair Salon has years of experience of this hair coloring technique. So you just need to sit back and relax for about an hour or an hour and a half and let us take care of your hair. 

In the end, your hair will be washed with the right hair care products to keep the color bright and blow dried. Between two balayage we suggest you to use a special shampoo once a week to keep your hair colors fresh and shiny.

Our recommendation is to wait three days after the coloring to wash your hair if you want a longer lasting hair color. Because the highlights will be softer at the root, the regrowth lines will be less noticeable. This makes balayage perfect for those who want a great look without high maintenance every four weeks.

Maintaining Balayage

One of the best things about balayage is that you can go up to four months before a touch-up. After your visit, our hair salon, try to wait as long as possible to shampoo your hair for the first time. The longer you wait, the longer you give the color to set. To help your color stay vibrant for as long as possible, shampoo only two to three times a week with color- protecting shampoo and conditioners.

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