Dark Brown to Caramel Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

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11th August 2019

“Mai did a great job, she fixed my frizzy brown hair. I look like a movie star with my caramel balayage. ”

Ella G.

When it comes to hair colors the warm caramel tones are on the top of the list at the Plaza Hair Salon. This is the hair color that amazingly blends brown and blonde achieving warm caramel tones. When you want to try caramel color on your hair there are so many variations. The best is to consult with our hairstylists to find the perfect shades, haircut and style for your personality and skin tone. Choosing caramel for your hair is ideal when you want a smooth and subtle transition from dark to light tones, or vice versa. If you're thinking about taking the caramel plunge, call to make an appointment in our San Diego based hair salon. 

Upgrade Your Look With a Radiant Caramel Balayage

With loads of dimension this balayage especially works well on our client’s wavy hair, it really makes her locks stand out. It’s the contrast between her dark roots and soft caramel ends that makes it so beautiful. The caramel streaks adds the dark base dimension, depth and a subtle touch of warmth.

No matter what your skin tone, hairstyle or natural hair color may be, pay us a visit, at our hair salon in Rancho Bernardo for a truly amazing caramel balayage to upgrade your look!

Plaza Hair Salon Tips for a Beautiful Balayage

  • Keep your hair color fresh - One of the reasons why we love balayage is that it grows out naturally, without leaving a big root line. Use quality hair-care products to keep the look of your balayage radiant. There are ways to maintain your balayage between salon touch ups. Give your hair a little care by using quality products - shampoos and hair conditioners.
  • Health and natural shine with weekly hair treatments - Keeping your balayage maintained is something you can do at home. Do weekly moisturizing treatments to ensure your balayage stays fresh and glistening. Use natural oils, with almond oil for example, you will get great results.
  • Visit Plaza Hair Salon for Touch Ups - Balayage is easy to maintain, but at some point you’ll need to get your hair color freshened up. Balayage needs to be touched up about every four months. When you visit our salon for a touch up, we can move up the highlights closer to the root, or just place a few baby lights around your face, or freshening up from the hairline all the way down.
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