Dark Brown to Black Roots and Blonde Highlights Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

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05th August 2019

“I was so tired of my naturally dark brown and wanted to kick things up a notch. These blonde highlights on dark hair are stunning! I thank Mai for her recommendation. ”

Cindy F.

If you have no idea whether you’re a brunette or a blonde in heart, just mix these two. There is no way to spice up your look better than adding some blonde highlights to your dark brown to black roots! A contrast balayage has never been so bold and refined! The mega impact of lighter strands is quite a trendy look, a trend that transcends time and goes well especially with Asian skin tones.

When you walk into Plaza Hair Salon just ask one of our hairstylists to dye the strands around your face to the lightest. Lighter shades are used to amplify texture. Give the blonde balayage trend your sense of style.

Add Instant Glow to Your Black Hair with Blonde Highlights Balayage

Blonde highlights balayage is a hair coloring technique that adds streaks of blonde color to a darker base hair color. Whether you go bold with generous highlights, or gentle and subtle, the palette for blonde hair highlights is endless. You can choose between honey blonde, strawberry blonde, silver blonde, auburn blonde, sun-kisses blonde, and even brownish blonde.

If you are an Asian woman then you should definitely go for blonde highlighting as it is the hottest hair color for your summertime switch-up.

Our hairstylists recommend blonde highlights balayage with black roots because:

  • They work for every style, tone, and occasion
  • They look natural even when grown out
  • Highlights can accentuate eye color and bring out cheekbones
  • Create the illusion of fullness
  • The key term for blonde highlights balayage is low maintenance

A Technique Mastered in our San-Diego-Based Hair Salon

My lovely client here was ready to take her virgin dark-brown hair and add some brightness to it. I used the balayage technique with patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color, an ideal technique for going lighter without damaging the hair to the point of no return.

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