Beautiful Honey Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

12th July 2019

“I had long, brown hair all my life. I came to Mai to help me get a new look, but keep it natural. This sombre is amazing, I just fall in love with my hair.”

Amanda P.

You are a brunette ready to try out something special? We recommend brown to honey blonde sombre.

As its name suggests, brown to honey blonde sombre is a more soft ombre, with subtle graduation to lighter ends. The appearance of brown roots is less harsh, the brown and the warm blonde colors are smoothly melted together. Sombre works with more shades and tones therefore adds more dimension and texture to the hair. The brown base of the hair has been enhanced with warm honey blonde shades to add depth and dimension to the whole look. This sombre’s secret is to use more colors; from the dark brown color of the roots, softly weaving the brown and honey blond shades through the lengths of the hair creating a graduating contrast from roots to the lighter ends. To make the most of this sombre wear your long hair styled in waves.

Get Your Brown to Honey Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

Our hairstylists have the skills and experience to create the perfect sombre. Here are some advantages of this beautiful hairstyle:

  • It gives you an effortless, natural look
  • It makes your skin tone look brighter
  • It gives you a cool, sun-kissed look for summer
  • It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle

Brown to Honey Blonde Sombre is the Perfect Choice When:

  • Brunettes want to lighten their natural shade without the hassle of regrowth.
  • You're not ready to go full blonde.
  • You want to lighten your hair while keeping the natural look.

 The vibrant shades of golden honey blonde of this sombre will make you fall in love with your hair all over again.

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