Brazilian Blowout vs. Japanese Straightening

20th March 2018

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If your hair is very thick, curly or frizzy or you’re just not happy with your texture, you might consider getting your hair straightened, and what better way to do that than with the help of the most popular and modern procedures?

The keratin treatment aka Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent technique that can last approximately three months. It will not offer pin-straight hair, although it does significantly reduce frizz and curls and gives results that are resistant to moisture. As said, the treatment usually last 2-3 months and will certainly make your hair look gorgeous, shinier and will actually repair the damage done by other treatments. Unlike the Japanese straightening method that usually takes 3-4 hours, the Brazilin keratin method will be over in just 90 minutes and it is recommended that you wash your hair as soon as you can, as the washing process will completely seal the treatment, after which you won’t have to worry about it.

By comparison, after you benefit from the Japanese straightening method, it’s best not to wash it or pull up into a ponytail for a minimum of three days while it sets. The Japanese straightening procedure, also known as thermal reconditioning, is slightly more common than the Brazilian keratin method nowadays and it actually lasts twice. The basic steps would involve applying cream to the hair for an amount of time decided by the current hair condition, after which a hot iron would also be applied. These actions would then be followed by the use of a chemical that would eventually be rinsed out with conditioner and ultimately, the hair will be blown out, remaining shiny and smooth.

The Brazilian Blowout process is much more simple – after the hair is washed and dried, a keratin solution will be applied and then sealed in with an iron. This will not completely straighten the hair, rather smooth it and color it would be very difficult, as this can affect the protein.

Our customers usually come back and try the Japanese method after testing the Brazilian Blowout, as they like seeing their hair straight, but it’s important to mention that people who regularly undergo Japanese Straightening should make sure to take care of their hair afterward, especially protecting it from heat. The first three days after straightening are crucial – you shouldn’t wet your hair in any way: avoid shampoo, swimming, and rain, gels or hairspray. After those three days, we advise you to use mild shampoo and conditioners, to be very careful while coloring your hair (we actually recommend you to color it before you go for the thermal reconditioning) and to generally use high-quality hair products. Also, it is very important to avoid tension and pressure, so if you think about tucking your hair behind your ears or trying a ponytail, our advice would firmly be: DON’T.

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The prices we have here, at Plaza Hair Salon are between 250$ - 300$ for a Brazilian Blowout and 300$ & up for a Japanese Straightening, but don’t be fooled – there are salons out there that offer Brazilian Blowouts for only 100$, as an example, but they just do the treatment halfway, with effects that will not even last. Our experienced and professional stylists are the guarantee that our services will always be top-notch, with lasting and satisfying results.

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