Bob Pixie Haircut With Blue & Purple Mixed Balayage and Sombre

03rd May 2018

“I just got this awesome bob pixie haircut with blue and purple mixed balayage and sombre. I just love it! Thanks, Plaza Hair Salon!”

Sam T.

The pixie haircut is back to being popular again in 2018. If you are in love with pixie haircuts or just want to shake things up a bit and don’t mind a crop, definitely go for a pixie haircut! Just keep in mind, you may lose most of your locks but what you gain is a simple wash-and-go style, an added edge to your and lots of compliments.

At Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists know all the pixie styles and have a great range of coloring mixture applied to them that bring mystery and romance in every woman’s hair. Our experienced hairstylists will use the balayage and somber technique to harmonize the colors so that you impress everyone with your hair. As you can see blue and purple look wonderful together and they realize the perfect fusion as they fit many dyeing techniques.

However, when you choose to get a short haircut or wish to restore your old one, it's essential to pick a hairstyle that will fit your face shape because pixie haircuts are not for everyone. Even if you have a round, long, oval, square or heart-shaped face, there will be styles that look awesome on you and others that may not be as favorable. The good news is that approximately every trend will work with every face shape, you just need an experienced hair stylist that can give you the right cut. At Plaza Hair Salon we believe that the pixie typically doesn't flatter a round face. Still, it can be gorgeous if you elongate your face by wearing short bangs that stick up or leave them nice and long in a side-sweep.

The Texture of Your Hair Matters

The texture of the hair plays an important role in choosing a pixie haircut as well. The density and texture may command your hairstyle, hair length and how your stylist cuts your hair. Women with curly hair won’t be a good fit for short hairstyles.

Don’t Leave Behind your Personality

When it comes to pixie haircuts, your personality plays a huge role. Think about what goes through your mind when you see a woman with a pixie haircut. Be aware that short hair tends to draw more attention than long hair. If you're going to get a bob pixie haircut with blue & purple mixed balayage and sombre, people are going to notice. Our professional hairstylists master the art of dyeing and combining the colors and can help you decide which haircut and color fit you best.

Top Pixie Haircut Ideas for 2018

At Plaza Hair Salon we love to keep our clients informed of the top trends. This year pixies are paired with long side bangs or a shorter angled side fringe and upgraded with choppy, spiky layers and undercuts. The contrast of lengths, such as long hair on the top and very short tapered sides and back is very in. If you decide to have a pixie you should consider trying a new hair color you’ve always wanted but never did. Check all these variants and other beautiful ideas!

1. Pixie Wedge

Getting a picture of a haircut you like can be the foundation for getting your vision across to your stylist. At Plaza Hair Salon we encourage you to bring a photo of you desired pixie haircut so that our stylist knows exactly what you want. Our client decided to keep the top and sides longer than a traditional pixie to add more volume.

2. Bob Pixie with Blue & Purple Mixed Balayage and Sombre

When you are in doubt of choosing a color for your pixie to go with the highlights and layers pairing. This works for short haircuts just as well as with longer ones. By the use of blue and purple, your hair will seem to have in it the beautiful shiny stars of a summer night. The balayage and sombre techniques are perfect for such an ambitious and fashionable style. In an era of hair dyeing obsession, everybody wants to be stylish and adopts the most unnatural expressions of extravagance. You are one of them too! Embrace these two colors and give light to your hair! By using the balayage technique, your hair will shine bright like a diamond! Feel like a celebrity and soften your hair with light and dark colors gradually melted from its root to the end!

3. Two-Tone Pixie

Age has nothing to do with styles and haircuts. Modern pixie cut hairstyles can be too extreme for someone that requires only a bit of back trim. If you are not convinced that this is the right do for you, here are 3 main reasons to reconsider it:

  • It’s practical. That means less time and money on styling your hair every day.
  • It’s expressive. It frames the face perfectly and makes your cheekbones pop.
  • It’s great for hair color experiments. Less hair to bleach and your tresses regenerate fast.

If you already decided to have a pixie haircut here’s how you can play around with it:

  • Part your hair differently (center, side, zig-zag parts).
  • Spike it up or opt for a messy look.
  • Braid or twist the top or sides.
  • Create a faux mohawk.
  • Slick back the front and/or sides.
  • Make highlights (e.g., sombre, balayage).
  • Add a hair clip, a headband or bandana.

Get Your Pixie Haircut at Plaza Hair Salon!

The balayage and sombre techniques make the most out of the pixie haircuts! Not all the women have the privilege to take advantage of such a bold combination! If you are one of them, you should know that this is an act of delicacy and precision. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at and our experienced hairstylists will give you all the information you need on pixie haircuts.

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