Blorange, the Mega Hit of the Festival Season

30th July 2022

“My hair looks fabulous; I love it!”

Brenda M

Blorange is a subtle mix of blonde and orange and is a big hit this summer. It’s one of the most trendy hairstyles for the festival season. The combination of orange, blonde, and peach can focus on any of these three colors. During the sunny summer months, many of our clients want to try warm, golden undertones and blorange is an excellent option. Blonde and red shades look best when they complement your skin tones, and the good news is that with some adjustments, blorange complements both cool and warm skin tones.

Tips for a perfect blorange: 

  • for our clients with warm skin tones, we add more blonde hues to make the hair color lighter and brighter
  • for cool skin tones, we enhance the warmth of the hair color with some extra peachy and orange highlights

How Do You Get a Blorange Hair Color?

The best way to get a beautiful blorange is to go to a professional hairstylist who will know exactly how to mix the blonde, red, peach, and orange hues to suit you the best, taking into consideration your skin tone and hairstyle. The color transformation will be relatively simple for blonde or light brown hair, but for brunettes or those with dark hair, we need to bleach the hair first, and only then we can start working with the dye. This hairstyle is fabulous; we love it! For a long-lasting bright blorange hair color, proper grooming is essential. Ask your hairstylist what haircare products to use.

Get Your Blorange at Plaza Hair Salon

The blorange hair color gives the wearer a sophisticated, super feminine look that will definitely turn some heads. When you decide to try this hair color, consult with our hairstylists to choose the best style for you as you can have it highlighted, ombre dyed, balayaged, or you can go all blorange! We’ll help you choose the hairstyle that will make you look gorgeous.

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