Blonde to Light Chestnut Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

13th August 2019

“I had this specific look in mind and Mai did an amazing job! Highly recommend Plaza Hair Salon to everyone! ”

Hannah S.

Being blonde is cool, but we all need some changes from time to time. If you want a look that’s sensual and appealing, light chestnut is mesmerizing. This subtle yet sexy look starts with a dark brown base color and enhances it with chestnut strokes on top and around the face.

The main aim of sombre is to create a less contrast between the roots and the ends. This light chestnut sombre adds just enough color to keep things fun and interesting.

A Natural Hair as If It's Faded by the Sun

Both balayage and sombre trends are ideal for summer as it brightens up the ends of hair and when it grows out, it still looks completely natural. If you want all of your hair to look lightened up, then the sombre is perfect as it will give you a lighter effect without a dramatic change. With the dark brown shade starting at the roots and very gradually changing to a lighter shade of chestnut, the mid-lengths and ends are left looking full and fabulous. Ask our hairstylist for a light chestnut sombre to switch things up with a summer feel.

Here are some advantages of this beautiful hairstyle:

  • Fashionable and effortless, sombre hair is totally trending
  • Allows hairstylists to create a custom color for any client
  • If you like something natural and low-maintenance
  • The style has a rich finish that makes the hair look healthy and pampered without a drop of shine serum required.

Get Your Light Chestnut Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

For those glamorous summer nights when looking elegant is key, try out light chestnut hair for a light-catching effect all over. To add volume, you can style your tresses with a curling iron and get some bouncy waves.

At Plaza Hair Salon you will find everything you have ever longed for in a hairdresser because nothing beats natural talent and ultimate dedication.

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