Blonde Balayage for your Summer Vacation at Plaza Hair Salon

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18th July 2019

“I came to Mai because I wanted a fresh look for my vacation in Hawai. My boyfriend liked my long, light brown hair, but now, he's completely in love with my new hairstyle.”

Kitty B.

Blonde hair is one of the most desired hair colors and that has to do with the way it looks and the way others react to it. Almost every woman wants to go blonde at some point of her life, no matter if her hair is red, brown black or white. One of the advantages of having blonde hair is that the sun makes blonde hair brighter, while for those with dark hair, the sun sometimes makes their hair color look worn and faded and that definitely is not hair goal for women. Blonde looks great on every skin tone, including darker skin tones, and it is absolutely amazing on black ladies.

The Perks of Having Blonde Balayage

So, if you haven't taken the decision to go blonde here are the reasons why you should: 
First of all, blonde is bright enough to hide gray hair amongst the light tones there is no need for constant touch-ups. If you have grey or white hair sun exposure can bleach your blondes even more and make your hair bright and looking sun-kissed. It is known that  blonde hair makes your eyes pop, especially green or blue eyes. Blonde hair gives you that look-at-me vibe, it really stands out and you’ll get many compliments. If you don't want to go completely blonde, get a blonde balayage. A blonde balayage is the perfect choise for this summer because:

  • It gives dimension to your hair - the blonde balayage’s lighter tones will add exciting details and more dimension to your hairstyle.
  • It gives you a sun-kissed, effortless look - blonde balayage is definitely a show stopper and turns a lot of heads.
  • It’s exciting and natural - having blonde balayage can be a fun way to switch up your look while still keeping the natural touch.
  • It is easy to maintain - it grows out naturally and doesn’t leave a big root line, so you’ll need to come back for a touch up about every four months.

A Cool Beach Girl Look for Summer Vacation

Our client, had a light brown long hair and come to our salon because she wanted a new, easy to maintain hairstyle for her summer vacation in Hawai. This blonde balayage is absolutely the perfect choice for summer adventures. Not only that it is easy to maintain, but it gives that laid-back, cool beach vibe.

Are you ready to give blonde balayage a try? Maybe it’s time to head to our Rancho Bernardo-based salon for a color change to make you look amazing on your vacation.

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