Blonde Balayage for Spring Break

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02nd March 2022

“I love Spring and I wanted to upgrade my hairstyle trying a blonde balayage for the first time. It looks amazing. I love it!”

Suni M

Spring season is upon us, so you need to update your wardrobe, and why not, try new hair color. If you are looking for low-maintenance hair to go along with your vacation days, this wavy brown to blonde balayage might be the perfect option.

Do you love that sun-kissed look on your hair, but don't want to go completely blonde? Get a blonde balayage.

Natural brown hair with a mix of blonde tones will make your hair look super-chic, sleek, and dimensional. Is there anything that reminds you more of your carefree vacation days than your free-flowing blonde wavy locks?

The hand-painted blonde tresses give you that relaxed vibe and will always stand out. If you're not sure what hairstyle to try, check out the perks of having a blonde balayage:

  • The blonde tones will add more dimension to your hair.
  • It gives you a sun-kissed, effortlessly chic look and turns a lot of heads.
  • It's a simple way to add some excitement to your look while still keeping your natural hair color.
  • It grows out naturally, so you don't need constant touch-ups and you have gorgeous hair till Summer.
  • It offers a natural, healthy look.
  • It's one of the most popular hairstyles amongst movie stars and celebs.

Impress Everyone Around with Your New Look

Welcome the Spring season with a fresh look. Our client has naturally brown hair and she wanted a fresh, easy-to-maintain hairstyle. This blonde balayage is an absolute favorite for vacations. We added the brightest highlights focused mainly on the face frame and the ends. The strands of the natural brown color running throughout add even more dimension and contrast to our client's hair.

Get Your New Hairstyle for the Spring Season at Plaza Hairsalon

Are you ready to give this hairstyle a try to make you look fabulous on your Spring break? It's time to make an appointment at our San Diego-based hair salon. Put a twist and add loose curls with a beachy vibe. The undulating honey blonde locks give your hair more dimension with extra volume and texture. Get a blonde balayage that reflects your sassy side and brings out your best look for the season to come.

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