Blonde Balayage - The Perfect Hairstyle for a Beautiful Long Hair

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26th January 2022

“Mai did an excellent job. She suggested blonde balayage to enhance the beauty of my long hair. I feel like a movie star with my wavy blonde locks. ”

Ari S

Blonde highlights always look stunning when done properly. You can choose to have blonde highlights all over or just at the ends to enhance the beauty of your natural hair. Balayage offers a seamless color transition and a flawless finish. If you are a brunette, blonde highlights will add brightness and dimension to your natural hair color. Many of our clients with long wavy hair opt for blonde balayage as the long blond highlights give their look that extra flair that makes them stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a natural brunette or have dyed your hair brown, you should have some blonde highlights throughout to achieve a fresh, natural look.

Blonde balayage is always sexy and stunning, that's why it's one of the most popular hairstyles preferred by stars and celebrities. Dark roots combined with light blonde locks give the smooth contrast you need for an outstanding look.

Get Your Blonde Balayage at the Plaza Hair Salon

At the Plaza Hair Salon, we custom-blend the colors for each one of our clients. It's the perfect hairstyle for those who desire a unique look because balayage looks different on everyone. When a blonde hue is mixed with brown, the result is a dimensional hair color with depth and dynamics.

For our client's blonde balayage, we applied blonde shades to match her long wavy brown tresses and add more dimension to them. We also wanted to accentuate her feminine appearance with bright highlights focused on the face frame and the ends, while strands of the brown base color are running throughout to add more contrast. We love the deep roots blending smoothly into the blonde highlights; it looks perfect on our client's long locks.

At Plaza Hair Salon, we have all the tools to keep your blonde balayage looking stunning all year long!

Blonde Balayage Inspiration for 2022

Blonde balayage is the perfect hairstyle for those busy women who want a natural and effortlessly chic look but don't have time for weekly updos. So, try it now at Plaza Hair Salon. We've rounded up a list with some of the most popular blonde balayage styles to help you choose the one that will enhance the beauty of your hair color:

  • dark brown to platinum blonde balayage
  • brown to honey blonde balayage
  • brown to ash blonde balayage
  • beige blonde and platinum balayage
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