Black to Light Brown Balayage

16th April 2018

“I wanted to change my hair color and Mai helped me choose the best option, a black to light brown balayage.”

Adeline S.

Spring inspire most women to have a fresh look. If you have black hair it can feel like the only color change you can make is to lighten it drastically. The good news is that if you wish for a perfectly stylish look for this spring without a drastic transformation, you can try a black to light brown balayage. With this hairstyle, you will look as glamorous and sophisticated as the Hollywood divas all spring and summer.

What Exactly is This Trendy Hairstyle?

Balayage is a trendy hair coloring technique which is hand painted and gives a natural yet glamorous look to the hair. Balayage hairstyle depends on the concept of - natural is the most beautiful. The color is smoothly swept onto your hair creating a multitude of shades, from the natural, elegant sun-kissed blonde or brown shades to more bold and extreme blue, pink or green highlights.

Black to light brown balayage is the perfect choice for an elegant, refined and sophisticated woman. Embrace your natural black hair color and brighten it up with some light brown highlights.  The use of the light brown highlights is very subtle and it looks completely natural yet totally different. The black to light brown balayage gives a touch of charm and grace to your look. The soft light brown highlights will lighten up your face, being a perfect choice for your dark skin tone. If you have long black hair, you can certainly add a gorgeous look to it with the right touch of light brown balayage. The highlights will accentuate the layers perfectly and give your hair a more voluminous and glamorous look.

If you decided to try this natural and elegant balayage you should make an appointment with a skilled and experienced hairstylist. Balayage seems simple, but its natural effortless look depends on your hairstylist’s skill. The stylist from the Plaza Hair Salon has years of experience with different types of balayage hair coloring.

About the Process

Your stylist will section your hair first and she will start painting just the surface of your hair near the root and moving down to cover the ends of your hair in dye fully. This will take some time so you need to sit back and relax. Washing your hair and blow drying will end the process.

On black to brown balayage, highlights are softer at the root and the regrowth lines will be less noticeable. This makes this balayage a perfect low-maintenance hair trend for this season. Your hair will look stylish even ten weeks or more after your visit to our salon and you will have a gorgeous look all spring and summer.

Between two balayage it’s important to use a special shampoo once a week to keep your hair colors bright and fresh. Our suggestion is to wait three days after the coloring to wash your hair for a longer lasting hair color.

Get Your Light Brown Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon!

Do you want to look gorgeous and sophisticated like Eva Longoria? If so, the black to light brown balayage is the perfect choice for you. Make an appointment and you will have a beautiful shiny hair all spring and summer. Call us now at 858.485.7551 or email us at for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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