Balayage Blonde Highlights at Plaza Hair Salon

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28th November 2018

“I had my balayage highlights done at Plaza Hair Salon and I really love the natural sun-kissed look of my hair. It’s brilliant, thanks, Mai!”

Bri G.

Highlights are one of the modern hair trends that make your hair look sophisticated. If you got tired of the old look but do not want to get rid of it completely, try adding some balayage blonde highlights. Balayage highlights can enhance your hair color and at the same time give you the soft, natural glowing locks. Balayage highlights are quite versatile because you get to choose from a variety of elegant shades. It works well on all types of hair and on any hair color. Balayage highlighting technique brings out the best in blonde hair, more so because it does not really have the concern of showing roots. 

Balayage Highlighting Technique-A Game Changer

Balayage highlighting is a new hair dye trend that has been a game changer as you no longer have to sit too long in the chair with foils on your head. This is a freehand technique as no foils are used to apply the highlights. The French word “Balayage” means “to sweep” or “to paint” and these Balayage highlights are applied in a way that matches your native hair color. This results in a gradual highlight that gives your hair a softer, natural appearance that most women desire to have. This technique blends your highlights to make them look perfect.

At Plaza Hair Salon, we choose the best hairstyles that go hand in hand with your haircut, skin tone, and features so that your hair looks truly natural rather than colored. The application time normally ranges from 15 to 45 minutes.

Balayage Versus Ombre: What Is the Difference?

Most people confuse Balayage with Ombre. However, there are major differences between these hairstyles. Ombre hairstyle involves a total fading away from one darker color to another lighter color as you reach the bottom portions of your hair where Balayage has more of a subtle look with some bottom sections of natural hair color.

The balayage hair coloring technique offers a wide variety of styles and various combinations of tones and colors. It simply looks amazing on any color, length or hair type. It can perfectly turn brown hair into bold looking brown hair with blonde highlights.

Get Your Balayage Blonde Highlights at Plaza Hair Salon

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