Angela‘s New Mid-shoulder Haircut

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11th January 2016

“I’m very enthusiastic about my new hairstyle. When I came to Plaza Hair Salon, I didn’t have a clear idea about what haircut would suit me best, but the stylist here gave me the best hairstyle advice ever.”

Angela Q.

Angela's new mid-shoulder haircut looks gorgeously lightweight and bouncy, easy to maintain.

Rapunzel's fabulous hair going way past her heels looks a bit frustrating to all the girls who love long hair (but find brushing it a nightmare). Barbie's unrealistically flawless hip-length locks look equally frustrating. So, leaving fairytale hair behind, we should say that mid-shoulder hair is the ideal length in terms of styling, maintenance, care, and versatility. It gives dynamism, freshness and a sense of freedom to any hairstyle. And if you're not in the mood for styling, you can just toss it in a messy bun or a sporty ponytail and still be as charming as ever.

If your hair goes past your shoulders, sometimes it tends to just hang there, dragged down by its own weight. Cutting it mid-length, gives it a sudden change of personality. It feels thicker, healthier and looks so much cuter. Subtle layering also gives it volume and makes it easier to style. Not to mention medium layered hairstyles are the hottest trends in 2016!

Whether it's a mid-shoulder bob, medium curls or medium waves, this haircut length will spice up your already sexy, gorgeous look. To add a little bit of drama, go for a stylish fringe, but talk to your stylist first to chose the best of all fringes to suit your face and bring out your natural beauty. Fine hair looks great with a really long side-swept fringe, while blunt bangs work best on thick hair. On the other hand, no bangs hairstyles can give you an open look, with more focus on the face. A middle part keeps your style youthful casual and simple, while a side parting adds a touch of elegance.

For a full, rounded look, mid-shoulder hair looks perfect with all the ends perfectly rolled under. Or, you can choose the opposite: flipping the ends of hair strands out to show off all the layers and give your look a sophisticated spin.

If you're more on the wild and funky side, ask your hair stylist to point-cut the ends and go for short, triangular layers. These type of layers remove weight, giving hair texture and movement.

Whatever style you choose, your hair should stay light and bouncy, easy to maintain. If you want to freshen up your hairstyle, our stylists at Plaza Hair Salon will be happy to give you a style tailored to your own personality and expectations. From re-creating a celebrity hairstyle to trying something bold and original, our stylists will make sure you leave the salon looking more fabulous than ever.

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