Baby Shower Services in Rancho Bernardo at Plaza Hair Salon

Prices for our Baby Shower Services


A baby shower is a special occasion for mothers-to-be that requires thorough planning, and everyone wants to look their best when celebrating pregnancy and motherhood. You can trust that our stylists at Plaza Hair Salon will listen to your needs and find the perfect hairstyle that will not only complement your features but also enhance that natural glow.

Our salon has everything needed to take your special day to the next level. Just let our team of highly trained professionals help you get ready for the baby shower and put on an effortlessly chic appearance. The results are guaranteed to impress you.

You should schedule an appointment because some hairstyles take longer to complete depending on the client’s hair length and texture. Contact Plaza Hair Salon at 858.485.7551 or by filling out our appointment form, and let us support and leave you feeling fabulous for your memorable event.